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Coming Clean

Coming Clean
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14th Nov 2019, 9:32 PM

LJ Phillips

Fandoms are a mixed blessing. You get some wonderful people but you also get toxic people in any fandom. Was looking through old emails, DA PMS and Disqus comments and I saw the abuse that I got from toxic "fans" when I tried new directions with my SFS fictionverse or even launched new comics.

Rude comments, attempts to sabotage my advertising campaigns at the time, threats, abusive emails. It was completely batshit insane. Best case scenario - it was one loony "fan" who used multiple aliases.

That was part of the reason that I wanted to distance myself from SFS at the time. And to be honest, who can blame me? It also contributed to me constantly trying new things with SFS in an attempt to keep everyone happy. Not to do the pity dance but bear in mind that this all occurred in the same time frame that I lost two friends to suicide and a beloved father figure to an unfortunate accident. Not to mention dealing with major health issues.

But now I'm in a better place (and the kind of person who will tell toxic twits to get stuffed), I feel that I'm able to return to the world of SFS on my terms. A big thank you to everyone who has remained steadfast and positive members of the fanbase. People like you restore my faith in humanity. I look forward to continuing this creative journey together. The comic will be posted both here and on Tapas.

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